Teacup Goblins is a small independent creative business based in Estonia. Uplifiting art is our cup of tea and we want to spread positive messages through our products and art.

Here Be Goblins illustration

And by we, I mean me. Hello!

My name is Maarika, I’m an illustrator, comic creator and totally not a goblin (or am I?). I design all the products and I ship every order by myself, so basically I do everything in this house.

What does Teacup Goblins mean?

Tea is a warm relaxing drink, and one of the greatest things humanity has invented, so that’s it. That’s the meaning. And by goblins I mean cats, specifically sphynxes (the naked wrinkly cats). I love every cat but the reason I chose sphynxes is because they look different from other cats and they are often judged because of that. Teacup Goblins celebrates what makes us different and unique.

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