Here you will find answers to common questions about buying from this store. See the Shipping and Returns FAQ for everything relating to shipping and returns. Can’t find an answer to your question? Contact me.

About the Store and Ordering

Why are there no discounts or sales in this store?
I’ve thought a lot about pricing my products and I realized having mostly standard prices makes things easier for everyone. I also feel like discounts are unfair to those who miss out on them. I want the prices of my products reflect the value that I think they should have and offering discounts goes against that. Whereas most businesses use discounts to get more sales, I just donate a percentage of all the profits I make instead, while always offering my customers clear prices. That being said, I do offer things like free shipping and bundled products (sticker sets etc) that save you some money.
Can I change my order after I've placed it?
Possibly, in case your order hasn’t been shipped yet (you will get a notification email when it has been shipped). Contact me as soon as you can and I can edit your order (for example, change the shipping address etc). That being said, please always double check and make sure all the information is correct when you place your order.

About Products and Packaging

How durable are the stickers?
All stickers are printed on matte sticker paper. The sticker paper is weather proof and also suitable for outdoor use but colors tend to fade in direct sunlight over time so keep that in mind if you intend to use these stickers outdoors. Sticker sheets are printed on transparent sticker paper. They are also waterproof.
Can the stickers be removed easily?
The adhesive is permanent, so the stickers may not be easy to remove. Removal also depends a lot on the surface texture of where you’ve applied it to, it’s probably easier to remove them from smooth surfaces.
How are items packaged?
All stickers are packaged in resealable cellophane bags and mailed in cardboard envelopes. Badges have cardstock backing and they’re wrapped in kraft paper. I’m working hard to minimize plastic materials used in packaging because even small things have an impact on the evironment. I aim to eliminate all plastic materials in packaging once I can replace cellophane bags with biodegradable alternatives.

Payment Info

Which payment methods do you accept?
Currently we accept payments by PayPal. You can also pay with your credit or debit card (enabled by PayPal) even if you don’t have a PayPal account, simply choose the card payment option when checking out through PayPal. Note: This feature is is not available in every country and in some countries, you still need to sign up with a PayPal account to complete the payment.
Who pays for import taxes and additional charges?
In case there are additional charges (such as import taxes/duties) after we have shipped your order, customers are responsible for paying those fees or charges.