Tea Cats: Sticker Set + Postcard

6 Stickers + 1 Postcard combo

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Cute sticker set of fancy cats having a fancy tea party. There are a total of 6 different cats in this sticker set and 3 small tea set pieces (2 teacups and 1 tea kettle). It also includes a postcard that you can send to your cat to officially invite them to your own tea party. This tea cat set is ideal for scrapbooking, as a gift to someone who enjoys tea and loves cats, or for decorating your house and belongings with cat stickers. Please do not stick these on an actual cat.

Item Overview

  • Set: 6 x big , 3 x small stickers, 1 x postcard
  • Size:
    • big stickers: about 10 x 5 cm (4 x 2 inches)
    • small stickers: about 3 x 3 cm (1 x 1 inch)
    • postcard: 10 x 14 cm (4 x 5.5 inches)
  • Materials: weather-proof matte sticker paper, postcard on heavy stock paper

Additional information

Weight 13 g
Dimensions 7 × 1 × 7 mm


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